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About Us

About Us

"History is made by dreamers and those who believe in them"

A 15 handicapper arrives late for his regular Tuesday evening match and races to the first tee to join his disgruntled foursome. He quickly tees up and while standing over his ball becomes horrified at the realization that, in his haste to get to the course, he has grabbed the wrong pair of glasses. The ball he addresses is a complete blurr. Wanting not to hold up play any longer, he fiddles with the pair he’s stuck with and notices that if he limits his head movement, he can see the ball quite nicely through the upper half of his bifocals. Move a little and the ball turns to mush. Hole after hole he is forced to do something that was never required of him before. He must keep his eye locked on the ball with hardly any head movement or lose complete sight of it. The match ends and to his delight, Eureka!! He has just shot his lowest round of the season.

Convinced that his epiphany must be shared and being a bit of a dreamer to begin with, he summons a meeting with three golfing buddies; his brother, the golf pro from his club and another close friend. Announcing that he has in his possession the next “Big Idea” in golf training aids, he proceeds to unveil a ratty prototype he has fashioned from an old pair of glasses. With crude magic marker lines drawn vertically on each lens, he has tried to duplicate the same effect that his bifocals had given him. The group passes the prototype around, tries it out, and although a bit skeptical sees merit in his idea.

The golf pro agrees that the basic idea, of developing eyewear that could be used as a training aid to help keep a players eye locked on the ball, is indeed worthy of pursuing and soon becomes the PGA professional who tests each prototype. The older brother concurs and believing in his brother and the idea, becomes the funding arm that moves the project forward. The other good friend, with a background in film production, agrees to spearhead the development and production of future prototypes and the adventure begins.

Over the next several months the trainer goes through many permutations. Adjustable lenses are added. This addition to the design enables the two vertical lines on the original prototype to become one line when adjusted to a person’s PD (pupillary distance) and not only creates the first working model, but is the design element that makes the invention patentable. Now able to be protected, the trainer garners the attention of a well-known leader in the eyewear field and he, along with his manufacturing partner, joins the team and starts turning out refined prototypes that would eventually lead to the final market ready product. Rounding out the group is one more friend, an expert in patents and trademarks, and the motley seven form EyeLoc.


                                                     Vinny Lamorte…The 15 Handicapper

                                                              Tony Vos…The PGA Professional

                                                        Mark Zander…The Producer

                                                    Robert Hillman…The Eyewear Guru

                                                        Vito Lamorte…The Supportive Brother

                                                      Michael Wang…The Manufacturing Giant

                                                           Tom Baum…The Patent Expert


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