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EyeLoc (Generation 1)

Product Code: EYEJVP394

EYELOC Normally $59.95!!!! Now On SALE ONLY $39.99


  • It's no secret that if your head moves during the putting stroke, it can lead to misalignment and a missed putt.

  • Full Swing shots require slight head movement, but you still want your eye locked on the ball at impact.

  • EyeLoc™ Glasses are useful in putting practice as they show if your eyes are correctly over and behind the ball in the address position, which is a must for accurate putting.
  • For your Full Swing shots, EyeLoc™ shows your ball sitting between two comfortably spaced lines giving your head freedom to move, but still sending instant feedback if the movement becomes excessive and pulls your eye off the ball!
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor lighting.
  • Unisex Frames are designed so one size fits all men and women comfortably.

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EyeLoc (Generation 1)

EyeLoc (Generation 1)



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