Eyeloc Quiet Eye Sports Glasses, Golf Training Aid

EyeLoc Quiet Eye Sports Glasses are a patented, award winning training aid designed to help golfers instantly detect and stop unwanted head and eye movement that results in missed putts, weak iron shots, robs distance off the tee, and eliminates the dreaded yips.

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Gary Player | World Golf Hall of Fame Member

"I have been preaching the importance of keeping the head still throughout the putting stroke my entire career and your invention is the first training aid I have tried that does just that. You have a good product here" 

Gary Player, 160 world wide wins, 9 major championships

Lou Guzzi | Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers in America

"If my students have trouble keeping their head steady, I pull out the EyeLoc® Glasses and they instantly get it. A great product" 

Lou Guzzi, 2013 Nation PGA Teacher of the Year, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers in America

Tom Henderson | 2015 PGA Golf Professional of the Year

"This product is long overdue. Finally a teaching aid that instantly detects excessive head movement."

Tom Henderson, 2015 PGA Golf Professional of the Year

Bill Flood | President of Connecticut PGA

"EyeLoc® is the best product in the golf industry to aid in keeping your head steady. EyeLoc® will absolutely have you strike the ball better and improve your score."

Bill Flood, PGA Professional & President of Connecticut PGA

Bob Barrette | GolfTest USA

"I would rate the Eyeloc® glasses in the TOP10 of all the golf training aids I have tested in the years I have done testing"

Bob Barrette, Lead Test Administrator, GolfTest USA

How EyeLoc Works: